Why video should be a part of your marketing strategy

Our attention spans are getting shorter. In the last two decades, human attention spans have reduced from 12 seconds to 8 seconds, which is less than the 9 seconds enjoyed by a goldfish.

It might be the internet. Or it might just be a reflection of the hectic lives we all now lead, with so many competing demands on our time. Whatever the reason, if you’re trying to get the attention of prospective customers you need to be able to grab it quickly.

Video demands attention

A well shot, scripted and punchy video can grab hold of social media users like nothing else. Videos get re-shared more often than text. There’s a reason why political parties now invest so heavily in video, ensuring their particular message gets in front of as many people as possible. Done well, it manages to circumvent the human desire to move on to something else.

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More cost-effective than you might think

Smaller companies are often put-off video marketing by the perceived cost but these concerns are usually misplaced. Working with an experienced video marketer, you can produce enough quality video content in a day to keep fresh content coming out regularly for a year. It takes planning, with consideration needing to be given to topics and how the content will develop over the year. But you end up with enough focused content to build your marketing campaign around.

How do you use video?

There are countless uses of video in marketing. They can be added to emails, embedded into blogs and shared across social media. A business can even develop its own YouTube channel to encourage engagement and draw in loyal followers. The choice of where and how to use it depends a great deal on how your consumers spend their time when they’re online.

Video conversion rate speaks for itself

Marketing statistics suggest that landing pages containing video are capable of increasing conversions by 80 per cent. Even simply using the word ‘video’ in your email marketing subject line increases the rate at which the emails are opened by 19 per cent.

It’s clear that a marketing campaign without video is only half a marketing campaign.

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