Week 1, so it all begins

So here we are at the start of my journey, finally looking forward to making progress. I hope you will follow along as I document my progress.

Week 1 has proved to be a nice easy start as John gets us set up with our blog, getting it ready to become the hub of our business.

Although I have done a few things in the past this is my first time with blogging, So I am both apprehensive as well as excited to see where it will eventually lead me.

To start the blog John has had us pick a domain name, where he suggests getting our own name, either as is, or if it’s a popular name to add something before or after your name. As you can see I had to go for marketing as my name has already been taken.

The next job on the list is to get hosting. For this John recommends that we go with D9 hosting and I can, after needing an issue sorting out highly recommend them as well. From contacting them to getting a reply was within 15 minutes. They are marketers themselves and understand the business unlike the big name companies you see advertising.

Next job was to install WordPress and with D9s C-panel the job was very simple to do, with Johns tutorials to help along the way. The process will literally take 5 minutes tops to do.

After that it was a case of logging into the dashboard with the details you will have been emailed and going to settings. Under settings you want to go to Permalinks and change the setting to Post name and click save changes.

It is then time to write the first blog post. For this John suggests that you write a welcome post, something fairly short and simple just to make a start.

After that it is a case of preparing for next week by ordering some graphics for website. The graphics you see on this site are done by Steve at GFX-1 graphics. As you can see he does an amazing job and you get a chance to give input to how you want them to look. Turnaround is quick and with 24-48 hours you will receive proofs which you can ask for changes if required.

John also suggests that you read the Go Giver by Bob Burg, which whilst not essential I would definitely recommend giving it a read . It illustrates where stories work best in sales.

If you want to learn more and work with John then I recommend you watch this webinar where John will explain everything.

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