About Me

For the last 30 years I have spent most of my time as a long distance truck driver in the UK. During this time I have been all over UK and Europe, but it has meant I have been away from my family most of the time.

I did have a time when I became a lone parent to my 4 year old son, and during that period I did look at making money online, and although I did make some money it never amounted to a full time income.

I was then diagnosed with severe depression and I went through a period a buying multiple products, looking at them and then moving on. Unfortunately there is no easy way to make money :-).

I have now realised that if I am going to turn this into a full time income I will have to treat it as a real business, not a hobby. I have also got myself a mentor, so now I have someone to turn to but also answer to aswell.

The coaching program I have joined is Partnership to Success by John Thornhill, which will see me go from having nothing online to having my own products and finally the opportunity to spent time with my family.

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